Infrared detectors for explosive gases & CO2


DIREX is the new detector using infrared technology for explosives and CO2 gas detection.

DIREX has been specially designed for:

Installations with presence of inhibitant or poisonous gases for catalytic detectors – pellistors. DIREX is not affected by these gases.

In atmospheres with no oxygen presence.Unlike pellistors, DIREX does not need oxygen for its functioning.

For CO2 infrared detection, contrary to other technologies, CO2 presence does not reduce sensor's useful life. DIREX is not affected by CO2 presence.

At those installations with special conditions where maintenance operations must be reduced to the minimum. DIREX only requires to be checked once every 3 years.

Available gases; pentane, ethane, ethylene oxide, propilene, natural gas, propane, butane, methane and CO2.

Also available in RS485C format.

Detection range from 0 to 100% L.E.L. (explosives) & from 0 to 2% vol. (CO2)

Optical indications for sensor and loop faults.

Optional programmable relay output module: 1 programmable alarm level, instant/retarded disconnection, retard disconnection programming and initial relay idle state.

Calibrated at factory with target gas: no need to calibrate them at installation.

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