4-20mA exproof detector for tdetection of lack of O2

70_fichaThe new DURTOX-X O2 are 4-20mA exproof detector using electrochemical technology for detection of lack of Oxygen O2 .

3 wire connection with any system provided with 4-20mA standard output. Also available in addressable RS485C format with 4 wire connection, compatible with EUROSONDELCO & SIEMENS CC62P.

It is certified meeting the European Standard ATEX LOM10ATEX2076

Range available: 0-25%

Coverage area: 200m

Special features:

• Total control over the sensor state
• HardwareTest
• Digital filter based on changeable average of sensor values sampling.
• Optical indications (LED) for status, malfunction and overflows


- Power: From 10 to 30V DC
- Max. consumption: 43mA to 12V DC
- Expectancy life: 2 years -in pure air-
- 100% Linear (full range)
- Precision: +/- 5% bottom of scale
- Code of explosive atmosphere: II 2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb
- Dimensions (mm): 162 x 150 x 90
- Weight (gr): 1.392 approx.

TEST: Carry out a check-up test periodically –at least once a year-

All detectors manufactured by DURAN ELECTRONICA have been factory calibrated with for the target gas. Therefore, recalibration it is neither required, nor advisable once installed.

Product datasheet      Users Manual