Detectors RS485C for toxic & explosive gases

7_fichaDetectors RS485C for detection of toxic gases, oxygen and explosive gases using electrochemical, catalytic & infrared technology.

They have been exclusively developed for EUROSONDELCO and SIEMENS CC62P.

- Electrochemical detector for Carbon Monoxide (CO)
- Electrochemical detector for Oxygen (02)
- Electrochemical detector for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
- Electrochemical detector for Nitrogen Monoxide (NO)
- Electrochemical detector for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
- Electrochemical detector for Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)
- Electrochemical detector for Clorhydric Acid (HCl)
- Electrochemical detector for Chlorine (Cl2)
- DURTOX-X Electrochemical exproof detector for toxic gases & O2,
- DURTEX HC Catalytic detector Butane, Methane and Hydrogen
- DURTEX HC PRO Catalytic detector for explosive gases
- DURTEX X-HC PRO Catalytic exproof detector for explosive gases (ATEX certificate nº LOM08ATEX2059 X)
- DIREX Infrared detector for explosive gases & CO2,
- DIREX-X Infrared exproof detector for explosive gases & CO2, ( ATEX certificate nº LOM08ATEX2059 X)

All detectors manufactured by DURAN ELECTRONICA have been calibrated at our laboratories; therefore they do not need to be calibrated at installation.

H2S Detector     CO Detector      NO2 Detector      O2 Detector      SO2 Detector     NO Detector      HCl Detector    Cl2 Detector    DURTEX HC     DURTEX HC PRO     DURTEX-X HC PRO   DIREX   DIREX-X    DURTOX-X