Fire detectors

Cerberus PRO fire detectors ensure fast, reliable detection thanks to intelligent technology

Fire detectors from our Cerberus PRO family are ideal for any application area – from clean and sensitive environments like data centers to robust environments with many deceptive phenomena like industrial production facilities. Thanks to their intelligent technology, the fire detectors quickly and reliably analyze the main criteria for fire: smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. As a result, the fire detectors increase safety for people and assets – and ensure business continuity.

The portfolio of our Cerberus PRO fire detectors includes:

ASA fire detectors for sophisticated applications

Cerberus PRO detectors with unique ASAtechnology (ASA = Advanced Signal Analysis) quickly and reliably detect smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. The intelligence of nine selectable parameter sets makes the detectors immune to deceptive phenomena, which in turn prevents unnecessary downtimes and costs caused by false alarms.

ASAtechnology interprets the recorded signals in real time. The selected parameter set then dynamically adapts itself to the current situation. That means in case of a real fire, the ASA detector reacts more sensitively – and in case of deceptive phenomena, it is more robust. This makes ASA detectors the first choice for sophisticated applications in clean, moderate or harsh environments – such as multi-purpose halls, canteen kitchens, data centers or industrial production facilities.
ASA neural fire detectors

Fire detectors with DA algorithms for standard applications
cerberus-pro-multi-sensor-fire-detectors-144Cerberus PRO fire detectors for standard applications provide up to two parameter sets. These are backed by advanced signal processing, using detection algorithms (DA). Simply select the appropriate parameter set to adjust the fire detector to comply with both the anticipated fire phenomena and the environmental influences. These fire detectors are the perfect choice for reliable detection of smoke, heat or flame in standard applications with low risk of fire and deceptive phenomena – such as offices, conference rooms, corridors or stairwells.

The portfolio of fire detectors for standard applications comprises: