Special detection

Special detectors cover applications from hazardous to high bay warehousing

Cerberus PRO offers a broad range of special detectors for exceptional application requirements. They detect quickly and reliably any sign of fire in challenging areas such as hangars, engine test beds, oil refineries, flour mills, data centers or high bay warehouses.

The portfolio of Cerberus PRO special detectors includes:

Flame detector covers areas with highly flammable materials

A flame detector is the ideal choice for areas containing flammable materials – such as engine test beds, flammable stores or hangars. These areas involve a high level of danger and fast fire formation. A flame detector detects smokeless liquid, gas fires, and smoke-generating open fires of carbon-based materials almost instantly.


Linear smoke detector is ideal for areas with limited accesscerberus-pro-linear-smoke-detector-fdl241-9

The linear smoke detector is the best choice for areas with limited access. It provides early detection of smoke-forming flaming fires in high ceiling buildings like high bay warehouses, atria or libraries. As these application areas have a high ceiling, point type detectors prove to be impractical. The linear smoke detector works following the reflection principle: It sends infrared light to a reflector that sends it back. False alarms are reliably prevented with an additional distance measurement, which detects foreign bodies in the light beam – for example, if a fork lift truck should interrupt the beam. The linear smoke detector provides a flexible monitoring distance of 5 – 100 m. Moreover, it only has to be connected at one end. This means that no cable is necessary between the detector and reflector. As less cabling is needed, the linear smoke detector is a cost-efficient solution.



Air sampling smoke detector for air handling ducts

cerberus-pro-air-sampling-smoke-detection-fdbz292The air sampling smoke detector from Cerberus PRO quickly and reliably detects fire and smoke in air handling ducts. These are critical areas because both fire and smoke can quickly spread through them throughout a building. That is why very early detection is crucial. The air sampling smoke detector reliably monitors intake, outlet, and circulating air ducts in air conditioning and ventilation systems for smoke – at air speeds of 1 m/s to 20 m/s.

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Aspirating smoke detection for areas requiring very high sensitivity

Aspirating smoke detection is crucial in areas where sources of fire are hard to detect. Very thin smoke can delay alarming, which in turn can lead to fatal consequences. With aspirating smoke detection, you can effectively counter this situation. The detector constantly takes air samples in the monitored areas. By means of high performance suction, these are fed via a pipe network to a detector chamber and checked continuously. If smoke particles are recorded, alarm is activated or the extinguishing process is triggered immediately – depending on the security concept. The aspirating smoke detector LaserFOCUS analyzes the air in a laser detection chamber in real time. Aspirating smoke detection is the best choice for areas that

  •     are air-conditioned
  •     are highly sensitive, such as data centers or computer suites
  •     have limited accessibility or a complex structure, such as high bay automated storage facilities


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Hazardous area products reliably protect areas subject to explosion hazards

The hazardous area products from Cerberus PRO comprise a complete range of special detectors and peripheral devices. They are specially designed to ensure fast, reliable detection in difficult areas such as high bay warehousing, and in areas subject to explosion hazards, including pharmaceutical and chemical industry, production plants, tank farms, oil refineries, oil platforms or battery rooms.