Synova fire peripherals

Alarm equipment


Reliable alarming equipment for acoustic and optical alarm signaling when an event occurs.


I/O modules

synova-moduleTo compliment the auto-addressable detector range, a full range of input, output, and combined input/output modules is provided. These modules can be connected on the detection loops of both the Synova FC330A auto-addressing and Synova FC700A networkable panel ranges which provide a vast array of different monitoring and control options.


Alarm indicators

synova-alarm-indicatorAlarm indicators are visual parallel indicators for fire detectors. An alarm indicator is ideally used, where the fire detector is difficult to see (e.g. hotel rooms, switching cabinets).


Manual call points

synova-manual-call-pointManual call points provide immediate triggering of alarms. The glass panel has a specified breaking point and a protective film. The manual call points are available with red, yellow, green, and blue housings.