Synova panels

Synova addressable panel


The Synova FC330A series are addressable control panels that can be expanded easily:

  • Up to 4 loops
  • 128 devices per loop or 4 stubs, 32 devices per stub
  • LCD display with user guidance
  • Two RS232 interfaces for communicating with printers and PCs or building management systems
  • Information flow via LON-bus as well as in branched networks with separate floor panels
  • Various options such as relay cards, LED drivers or detector group cards with up to 384 conventional detectors


Synova conventional panels


The Synova FC10 conventional fire control panels are simple to use but retain an adaptability that enables them to meet many of the more demanding applications:

  •     2 - 24 zones for the connection of Synova 300 conventional or Synova 600 collective devices
  •     Manned/unmanned operation
  •     Differentiation of manual and automatic alarm origin without separate wiring
  •     Code or key switch user access
  •     Clear, comprehensive indication and controls for easy customer operation
  •     Vast array of programmable functions
  •     Optional clock, alarm counter, and 320 event memory