Video Motion Detection

SISTORE CX EDS (Enhanced Detection Solution)


    ps_es_video_mot_det_eds_144x202Video motion detection system for monitoring critical outdoor areas

    Highest detection rate at low false alarm rate

    Motion detection and object tracking

    Tamper detection function can be activated for each video inputSoftware option for SISTORE CX1, CX4 and CX8

    Easy setup using the configuration software

    Display of courses of motion and object frames

    Simultaneous MPEG4 video recording and transmission

    High scalability over LAN

    Scheduled switching of alarm programs via the IVM software

    Suitable for upgrading existing systems

SISTORE CX EDS is a software module to enable SISTORE CX to become a radically new high performance digital system with video motion detection. It is an intelligent embedded codec performing video streaming, recording and it operates as a professional outdoor video motion detection system, with object tracking - suitable for external installations such as prisons, airports, military compounds, perimeter protection etc.

SISTORE CX ODR (Object Detection / Removal)

Video sensor system for indoor and outdoor applications

    ps_es_video_mot_det_eds_144x202Detection of removed or left objects

    Display of the pre-alarm and the main alarm image with object frame

    Tamper detection can be activated for each video input

    Standard motion detection available for each video input

    Software option for SISTORE CX1, SISTORE CX4 and SISTORE CX8

    Easy setup using the configuration software

    Simultaneous recording and transmission of video in MPEG4 format

    Time-controlled switching between alarm programs via the IVM software

SISTORE CX ODR is a video sensor system using state-of-the-art Siemens technology for detecting removed or left objects. The area of application ranges from the detection of removed objects of art in museums to the monitoring of areas where no objects must be placed, such as emergency exits, road sections, etc. Using the SISTORE CX devices it is further possible to record and transmit video in MPEG4 format and to detect tampering. All functionalities can be matched optimally to the conditions at the site using the configuration software.

ODR is a software option that is available for all devices of the SISTORE CX platform. It can be activated easily by entering the required licence key in the configuration software.