About Access Control

SiPass - the ideal choice for every application

SiPass access control products and systems provide security to a wide variety of different kinds of organizations around the world – large, medium-sized and small. Wherever they are installed, our products and systems ensure that the right people always have access to the right places at the right times, and that the wrong people never do.

While security is of utmost importance, the SiPass range has also been designed to provide a high level of convenience. As a result, our products aren’t only robust and reliable – they are also very easy to install, use and maintain. All of our systems are both flexible and scalable, which means it’s easy to modify or expand them at any time to meet changing needs.

Whatever a customer’s needs might be – from providing security at a single door to overcoming the security challenges faced by very large multinational corporations with thousands of doors and cardholders at different locations around the world – we are confident that the SiPass range offers an ideal product or system.


Why is an access control system a better option than traditional locks and keys?027_Titelpage_catalogue_2009_2010_cmyk_test

Aside from the problem of keys often getting lost and locks being expensive to replace, the major drawback of keys from a security perspective is that people who have the keys to a facility have unlimited access and their comings and goings cannot be tracked. An access control system, on the other hand, provides a building’s owner-operator with the ability to restrict access to his facilities to certain times of the week or day and to certain areas of the building. There is no longer any need to issue keys to staff at all. Employees, contractors, delivery people, and so on, simply get an access card and/or a code that grants them access to the appropriate doors at the appropriate times of the day and makes movement traceable – who was where, when. When they lose their card or quit their job it is quick and easy to cancel their card and/or change any access codes, if necessary.


Internet-size_stairsWhich access control product or system is the right one to meet my specific needs?

Before you decide which product or system you should purchase, you need to have a very good understanding of what your requirements are. How many doors do you want to control? Do you want to be able to monitor events at all of these doors from a central point, or is it adequate that each of them operates independently? How many people will be using the product or system? Will a common code provide a high enough level of security, or would access cards and PIN codes be more appropriate? Do you have – or want to have – intrusion detection and video surveillance products installed at your site(s) as well? If so, what level of interoperability do you require between your access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance systems?

If you want any kind of central monitoring of events at different doors, you will want a small networked system at a minimum. SiPass Entro would probably be the most appropriate choice. SiPass integrated, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for organizations that are very large and/or have special requirements such as the need for time and attendance export, HR application programming interface or Mifare encoding, for example.

One of the major advantages of choosing a SiPass access control system is that we protect the investments of our customers by offering a high level of scalability. Scalability means that it is easy to upgrade from our lower-level products and systems to our higher-level ones without any hardware redundancy. For example, you can start with SiPass Single Door Products such as the BC615 compact card reader or the DC800 door controller and upgrade them into a SiPass Entro system later, if required. Or, you can start with a SiPass Entro system and upgrade it to SiPass integrated at some point in the future.

Once you have chosen the right system, you will need to find the right readers and cards to meet your requirements. SiPass readers and cards are always the best choice for use with SiPass systems, as they are specifically tested and qualified for use with our systems. We also offer advanced interfaces between the reader and the system that provide increased functionality and enhanced security.